Band of Brooders and Abstinence Only - Pangrazio

Translation of Mario Fratti Review

Savage/Love Shepard/Chaikin

Long Days Journey Into Night - Eugene O'Neill

The Imbecile and The License - Pirandello

The Mandrake Root - Machiavelli

Blue Monster - Gozzi


Charley's Aunt - Thomas

Inside the Story of Our Lives - Hubbard/Strand

Comedians - Griffiths

Doctor Faustus - Marlowe

Hedda Gabler - Ibsen

Hopscotch - Horovitz

Joe Egg - Nichols

Too Late For The Rainbow - Alcorn

You Gotta Have a Lollipop - Smolker

No Exit - Sartre

A Passage of Time - Mauriello

Beyond The Horizon - O'Neill

Action - Shepard

Uncommon Women - Wasserstein

Waiting For The Parade - Murrell

Walls And Radio Play - Lord

Zona Rosa - Ansara

Artichoke - Glass

Bobby Brown - Carmen

Bobby Brown - Carmen

A Marriage Proposal, The Bear - Chekhov

Diplomatic Charnels

Endgame - Beckett

Jump Camp - Blamire

The Odd Couple - Simon, Devour the Snow - Polski

La Serva Padrona - Pergolesi

Wipeout - Keener

That Championship Season - Miller